About Our Club

Cream City Swing was founded in 1998 by Lars & Patty “CCKitty” Russell, who started dancing for fun and were hooked within 2 weeks of their first outing. Thus, Cream City Swing was born!

Dancers outside the Milwaukee Art Museum during the 2014 Lindy Bomb bus tour
Dancers outside the Milwaukee Art Museum during the 2014 Lindy Bomb Bus Tour
Photo © Darin Dubinsky

Over the years Cream City Swing has danced at many locations around Milwaukee, including the Old Puddler's Hall, the Norway House, the Schwabenhof, many different Knights of Columbus halls, Hot Water, and the Bay View Brew Haus. We even danced at Red Arrow Park in downtown Milwaukee, which held weekly, outdoor, Saturday evening dances in the summer, on the same spot as the winter ice rink. These dances were so successful that the local radio station, WKLH, mentioned the exciting activity on air and the then Mayor Norquist personally came to see what it was all about. Caravans to Chicago for dances became a regular weekly activity in conjunction with the (now defunct) Lindy Underground dances and lessons.

In 2000, Cream City Swing organized the first Milwaukee Lindy Exchange, which hopped around to all the local outdoor live music in the daytime and then off to a hall at night with DJ'ed music into the wee morning hours. The Milwaukee Lindy Exchange was organized again in 2010 & 2011, featuring local venues and musical talent, drawing people to Milwaukee from all over the Midwest region.

Within the 2010 Milwaukee Lindy Exchange, Cream City Swing started a new tradition -- The Lindy Hop Bus Tour of Milwaukee! Imagine filling a big yellow school bus with 35 dancers a DJ or live band then touring the city to dance at popular and unique landmarks. We pick a new route and mix in some new locations from year to year. It's a "must-do" if you can secure a spot in time!

Starting in 2015, a long-time dancer (Hey Marv!) began coordinating weekly dance hosts. Each week, Marv recruits a lead and follow whose goal for the night is to ask everyone to dance. This has become a very popular program for us, and is even starting to migrate to other scenes.

Dancers during a 2013 balboa workshop with Steve and Susie Girman
A 2013 balboa workshop with Steve and Susie Girman

Cream City Swing has always tried to provide the highest quality music and teachers. In addition to regular lessons, we offer occasional workshops to showcase various swing dance forms and encourage dance in everyone. We welcome dancers of all ages, from all walks of life. We hope that you join our swing dance family as well. See you on the dance floor!